Nostalgia & Dissent: America After Obama


This blog is a departure for me in that I intend it to be well researched, carefully worded, and a lot more formal than I am accustomed to publishing. When you are used to writing what essentially amounts to public diary entries, nuanced socio-political commentary feels foreign and intimidating.

I would like the experience of crafting a blog post to remain cathartic and (at times) pleasurable, but the levity that fueled my old projects is gone. I often find myself struggling to strike the balance between creativity and the overwhelming desire to punch a hole through my computer screen every time I read the news.

The political world we are currently navigating is likely uncharted territory for most of us. A good friend recently described the last eight years as, “Obama, take the wheel.” It was sort of a joke, but it rang true. It is impossible not to contrast my feelings of helplessness, confusion, and impotent rage with the trust that I felt in the prior administration’s governing abilities (to say nothing of Obama’s utterly diplomatic presence, calming influence, and inspiring public speaking abilities.)

This is not to say that I agreed with every decision the Obama administration made.  But I never doubted that President Obama chose to do that job because he cared enough about the United States to take on the responsibility of governing it.

I was also never concerned that his fatuous use of 140 character social media blasts would put us in real danger. Hell, I would settle for Donald Trump not ending half of his tweets with, “SAD!” at this point.

But I digress.

I created this blog for several reasons. First, I want to contribute to the national dialogue and, ultimately, critique of our current administration, small as my contributions may be. Dissent is therapeutically patriotic, and I intend to do a lot of that for the next (dear god) four years. Second, it turns out that I genuinely miss writing, even though it is a colossal pain in the ass 97% of the time you are doing it. But, in dubious and unhappy times, it has always given me a means to process what I am feeling and find some peace. Third, and at the risk of sounding facile, I expect to learn a lot. I want to understand more about politics, the government, human nature, and my own limitations, among many other things that have yet to be revealed to me.

I am already deeply nostalgic for a moment that existed, like, 13 days ago. But here we are.

I didn’t vote for any of this. 2.9 million more of us did not vote for this. But here we are.

And so here I am, determined to find a way to make the halcyon days of administrations past a goal for the future.





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  1. LaDan Assayesh · January 31, 2017

    Beautifully written. Can’t wait to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

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